the web hosting news agency had said that Vexxhost web hosting company is actually one of the suppliers that supply cheap cloud hosting managing for the budget consumers available. The Canadian based web hosting corporation is celebrating its 7th anniversary of it productive operation in the domain of hosting business. Many incentivized plans are now being supplied in the wake of its 7th anniversary celebrations. These incentives contain huge savings up to Fifty%, one month free services, and many more, click here now for more.

This has been publicised earlier this month by Vexxhost web hosting corporation for precious clients to join the festivities of this fantastic enterprise on the market. It was further reported previously that this is a limited time offer and then it was expanded for a bit more time and now customer can still make use of these limited time promos. It absolutely was further announced that these discounts are bundled with all of existing wonderful features and world class customer care services from Vexxhost web hosting supplier.

These offers are valid for all services given by Vexxhost web hosting corporation. These facilities include web hosting services and also cloud hosting and VPS services. The names of few terrific solutions that are offered on incentivized costs are WordPress web hosting, semi dedicated web hosting, reseller web hosting , cloud servers, and professional web hosting.

In his statement, Mr. Mohammed Naser the chief executive officer of Vexxhost web hosting company said, “It is our prime concern to keep the customer satisfied with the help of great qualities of our hosting services; our dedicated teams always put customer satisfaction on the top of our priority list”. He further said, “We appreciated the tireless hardworking of Vexxhost team members and our valuable customers to join us in these celebration of collective success”.

To conclude Vexxhost web hosting supplier is one of the providers that present affordable cloud hosting functioning for the budget clients on the market place. Canadian based web hosting company is honoring its Seventh anniversary of it productive operations in the domain of hosting business. Many incentivized plans are being presented in the wake of its Seventh anniversary celebrations. These incentives consist of massive discount rates as much as Fifty%, 1 month free websites, and more.
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Wow! How despicable that you set-up phony sites to review your scam service.

When I purchased web hosting with Vexxhost I discovered that the login information that they sent to me was incorrect. After several unsuccessful requests for the correct login information, I asked for my purchase to be refunded under their “Full refund in the first 30 days policy”. I have requested this refund many times through chat, email, and telephone messages. First I was told that I would need to request the refund though the email that I set-up the account with, which I did. Then I was told that they were having a problem with their billing system. Now my emails are ignored. Each time I speak with a representative though their live chat support, I’m told that they will escalate the problem with billing, but that is all they can do. In researching this company, I found this seems to be a common complaint against them. After a customer pays for service, they receive bogus login information. Then the company gives them the runaround, and never refunds the purchase. It seems that Vexxhost may just be a fraudulent company that collects fees, but fails to provide any service. I have a link to my numerous communications with them here:


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