said that VEXXHOST, a leader in online web hosting and cloud hosting services announced today that they expanded their partnership with CloudFlare, the famous web performance and security company. According to this new partnership VEXXHOST is the first web hosting provider offering CloudFlare’s innovative Railgun web performance optimization technology as a free option for all its customers.

“We’ve worked with CloudFlare from the inception of Railgun up until it’s launch and the technology behind it is simply astounding,” said Mohammed Naser, CEO of VEXXHOST. “On average, we’re seeing customers using CloudFlare with Railgun experience three time faster HTML load times. It makes web pages pop when you load them.”

“I was simply amazed at how much faster my sites began to load after turning on Railgun,” said Jamie Starke, a VEXXHOST customer who was part of an early testing group of Railgun. “VEXXHOST hosts many of my websites, including “”. I am incredibly happy with this new partnership and look forward to seeing the added performance benefits to all of my websites.”

CloudFlare powers a global network of 23 data centers optimized for performance. CloudFlare’s Railgun technology optimizes connections between VEXXHOST’s network and CloudFlare’s edge servers. Combining both traditional CDN techniques as well as innovative dynamic network optimization, the net effect is a massive performance increase for VEXXHOST customers’ sites regardless of where they are accessed around the world.

“We’re excited to have VEXXHOST as the first CloudFlare Optimized Partner to go live. By providing Railgun for free to all their customers, VEXXHOST has established themselves as one of the fastest hosts on the Internet,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of CloudFlare. “VEXXHOST implementation is incredibly smooth, making it easy for any website owner to install CloudFlare with just a click.”

VEXXHOST’s new CloudFlare management portal was built by VEXXHOST from the ground up and is tightly integrated with cPanel. The management portal allows any customer to sign up for CloudFlare and enable the services features, including Railgun, with just a few clicks. CloudFlare charges its Business and Enterprise customers hundreds of dollars a month for the Railgun service. As a CloudFlare Optimized Partner, VEXXHOST is offering Railgun as a free option to all its customers.

Web hosting reviews are important as they discuss on the various aspects of the hosting providers.  They are really helpful when you need a web hosting service provider for your website.  They are some of the best sources of information on hosting companies. It is a service, which involves hosting web content.  It is also a service that allows you to run a website from a domain that you own.  As it is the act of housing, maintaining and serving files for a website.  Web hosting is an extremely competitive market and catchy promotional advertisements attract more business and to process of publishing a web site to the internet. 

These web hosting reviews acquire deep analysis of existing suppliers using their services features and downsides.  One of Web Hosting providers is Vexxhost; has been providing top quality hosting service solutions to individuals and businesses since 2005.  The company services start from shared web hosting, semi-dedicated web hosting, and reseller web hosting all up until cloud hosting and cloud servers. 

From spending budget web hosting to devoted web hosting, you can find however lots of possibilities that come in among.  You need to consist of web hosting charges in your website's spending budget.  Only with web hosting reviews, you will find many of the functions of top rated web hosting firms.  You need to find a correct hosting corporation just after reading Vexxhost reviews so you may examine the hosting reviews as you are going to fully grasp the value of it in your web site. 

Vexxhost Reviews covers much of everything that is essential in looking for a web host provider. Vexxhost is the best you can ever get.   This Vexxhost Reviews covers much of everything that is essential in looking for a web host provider.

For the E-mails one firstly it had to be run from the control panel and it will start working with great forwarders and auto replies.   Many stated in their Vexxhost reviews you will be rest assured you that your site can get the high-end e mail services which is one of the important top features of the Vexxhost Company. You can have one advance programming as well as database features for a smoother and much more accessible website.

As their totally powered by the Cisco Network, true users of Vexxhost reviews which is capable of doing achieving of all the needs and they have the whole required facilities to give you the very best and also fastest connectivity to your webpage. Not only that with their flexible and well packed web hosting packages it is obvious why this is the best web host company that will fulfill any requires for anybody whether it’s for private or business needs. Ultimate words from Vexxhost reviews: Vexxhost is easy to use especially to those who are not that good with computers. Go build your own web page.

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I have seen many great companies provide the best quality customer support to their customers; but Vexxhost customer support is not only amazing but it is matchless. There are some great features of customer services provided by Vexxhost web hosting and cloud hosting Service Company. These features are very important and professionally well calibrated to provide the industry level of customer support that a valuable customer needs. Few of these features are given here:

Ready to Response Teams The key feature that we noticed while working with these customer support teams is that they are always alert, active, and excited to help out the customers. These teams are not only the provider of the services to the customers but they are eager to reach the depth of the problem that a customer is facing and reach the solution and provide the professional solution with great happiness, ownership, and responsibility. They never hesitate to list tough and harsh tones of customers; this makes them more professional and effective customer care representatives. You will feel really amazing and exciting when you talk to them; you like the way they show their enthusiasm to get the issue of customer resolved.

Quick Turnaround Time Another very awesome feature of customer services provided by Vexxhost Company is the short turnaround time. They not only anxiously listen to the problems of the customers but they come with their solutions in very short span of time. They have multi tier customer support teams and inter communication of these teams is very efficient and effectively correlated, monitored, and controlled. First level of issues is resolved on immediate basis just in the course of minutes; while the second level problems do not take more than couple of hours. Thus, these teams respond to the customers with immediate solutions within defined SLA and time KPIs.

Multiple Mode Communication Available Round the Clock There are many modes of communications integrated into the customer support systems of Vexxhost shared hosting company. These modes of communication systems are very well organized and integrated into main data base for better tracking and record keeping. These mode communications are email, short message services, instant messaging, chatting, toll free telephone services, and trouble ticketing systems. These are modes are very efficient and available round the clock for immediate escalation of issues. Customer representatives handling your queries respond immediately irrespective of the odd or even times. They treat every time as business hour and they never show any leniency for themselves pertaining to odd times or odd seasons.

Professional Customer Support Teams  Last but not the least, customer support teams of Vexxhost web hosting company are very well trained under the recommendations of professional conducts. They speak to their customers with great manners and politely. They show great humble and respect towards their customers and thus understand their problems very sympathetically and take necessary actions accordingly. They are highly skilled for first level of technical support; therefore they are able to provide immediate solutions to the problems if the problems relate to first level otherwise forward to second level support teams.